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If you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, and efficient Mechanical team to lead your projects, look no further than Protocol Mechanical Inc. Whether you need help on a small project, large job or service issue, we want to take the weight off your shoulders by providing our services and support. Reach out to us today and we can help!



We think it is easier to communicate with one person in a conversation than communicating with multiple people at the same time. Wouldn't you agree? We took the same perspective when building Protocol. We pride ourselves as a self sufficient, local company that can be the one source of all communications for your projects. We see great value in being that one stop shop kind of business. Give as a call today so we can discuss your next venture!


As a leading Mechanical Contracting Firm in Edmonton, we know what exceptional and reliable contracting means. We’re committed to providing clients with a wide range of services, all with guaranteed quality and precision. From the beginning stages of the project all the way to the completion of the process, we work side-by-side with clients every step of the way. Learn more below, and call us today for a consultation.

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Our Fleet

We understand your time is very valuable to you and your business. At Protocol, to keep our service response times to be the fastest in the business we keep our fleet vehicles fully stocked with parts and equipment. Our fleet vehicles are thoroughly inspected monthly for any mechanical or safety concerns.


Our Facility

Although starting off in a small residential garage, we quickly out grew the space. To date we have a fully functioning service shop, fabrication shop and office space. With plenty of square footage, an overhead crane and room for storage, we are always willing and ready to take on our next in house project. Our office space is clean, organized and always seeking our next client meeting!

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Our Technology

Latest trends and always evolving technology has been moving industry away from paper. At Protocol we have realized the need to maximize efficiency from our office to the field personnel. We are constantly researching, investing and upgrading our electronic systems. Training our staff on these latest systems have allowed us to adapt to these trends and roll out a fully electronic work order system. Information from the field can be updated directly to our office staff as our jobs progress keeping our clients projects on time and budget.



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